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Question No.1: How to training the puppy for House breaking?

You can take the puppy outside to your yard or walk with you by leash at least 2 times a day for training house breaking. For example once in day time and once in the evening. If you really no time to do so use a crate with a pan and put paper in one side.
At the beginning you'd better to have a Metal-crate still good at the beginning although you do not depend on using metal crate to training house breaking. 8 weeks still young to control himself not to pee. So when the puppy inside the house it is better put him in crate until you make sure he become good for house broken. You can buy a metal crate of about 17” x 23” x 19” size with a plastic pan under the bottom at price around $30 from Please refer to the photo below.

Dog crate with a little modification
This is a crate I bought from and then I put a metal bottom above the plastic pan. The white bottom was made from a shelf bought from Home Depot store. I cut it into suitable size and wired with the crate. In this way the puppy wastes will drop into the pan without making the puppy dirty.

Dog crate with a little modification

Dog crate with a little modification
You can only take the pan out of the crate bottom and use hose to clean it in your yard and then put it back.
At the beginning you may do this work for a while until the puppy become good for house broken then you can trust him stay inside your house.
Some puppies get along very soon, especially miniature Schnauzer puppy. They are very clever.
Question No.2: What kind of dog food is recommended?
Pedigree dry dog food as shown in the picture below.

Question No.3: What kind of dog leash is recommended?
Please refer to the following picture below.

Question No.4: What kind of dog carry bag is recommended?
Please refer to the following picture below.

Question No.5: Foldable excerice pet playpen is good holding puppy in a enclosed area. For Shih Tzu dog 24" inch hight is better.
Please refer to the following picture below.