Shih Tzu & Miniature Schnauzer Puppies

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Contact Information : (805) 415-8661  Email:   Recent Update:8/9/2020

Since 2003 -- American Kannel Club (AKC) registered pure breed, Active, healthy, good personality, beautiful color & markings, small size, first shot, dewormed. 

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No.9-1: female (Born 7/8/2020) (SOLD)

No.9-2: female (Born 7/8/2020) (SOLD)

No.9-3: female (Born 7/8/2020) (SOLD)

No.9-4: male (Born 7/8/2020) (SOLD)

Sire - Bart

Dam - Blacker

No.10-1: female (Born 7/10/2020)(SOLD)

No.10-2: male (Born 7/10/2020) (SOLD)

No.10-3: male (Born 7/10/2020) (SOLD)

No.10-4: female (Born 7/10/2020) (SOLD)

No.10-5: male (Born 7/10/2020) (SOLD)

No.10-6: male (Born 7/10/2020) (SOLD)

Sire - Bart

DAM - Nina

No.8-1: female  (SOLD) : Playful and friendly, active and naughty! Her black hair is shining and her eyes is sparkling. How wonderful such a lovely little thing!

No.8-3: female  (SOLD)

No.8-4: male  (SOLD)

Sire - Bart

Dam - Chocolina

No.7-1: female  (SOLD)  

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Sire - Bart

Dam - Black

No.5-1: female (SOLD)

No.5-2: female (SOLD)

No.5-3: female (SOLD)

No.5-4: male (SOLD)

No.5-5: male (SOLD)

No.6-1: female (SOLD)

No.6-2: female  (SOLD)

No.6-3: female (SOLD)

No.6-4: male  (SOLD)

No.6-5: male  (SOLD)

Sire (Father)

DAM (litter 5)

DAM (litter 6)